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Hello, my name is Briar Mugwort and I am the author of this encyclopedia. I was the headmaster of the Univerity at Underharrow, a general adventurer, and scholar. In the following text I will attempt to cover various topics that any inhabitant of Pythia, and more specifically Agartha, will find useful. Throughout this text it is my goal to not only provide timely, relevant, and trustworthy information but to also promote knowledge and learning. I have researched most of the subjects in this text thoroughly and I have done my best to include the most accurate and up to date information possible.


I. Religion and the Cosmos
-A Disputed Genesis and Churches of Pythia
-The Major Pantheon
-The Minor Pantheon
-The Separations of Existence

II. Natural Geography

III. Political Geography
-Major Cities

IV. History

Main Page

Agartha Mugwort